Speaker’s Bureau

Manassas Group Members regularly give talks sponsored by community groups and organizations. The topics and speakers to the right are currently available and can be scheduled. Please contact us if you need a presentation on any other specific topic.

To arrange any presentation through our Speaker’s Bureau, you may call us at (540) 774-4686.

Currently available topics:

Emotional Coping Skills

Title #1: “Don’t Let Your Anger Kill You or Anyone You Love!”

Title #2: “Are Your Emotions Making You Sick?”

  • Description: Understand how the mind can affect the body and what to do about it.
  • Speaker: Gudrun Freeman, Ph.D.

Anxiety and Stress Management

Title #1: “Is Worry Making You Sick?”

  • Description: Learn why worry and physical illnesses are close bedfellows.
  • Speaker: Gudrun Freeman, Ph.D.

Title #2: “Conquering Your Job Stress”

Title #3: “Avoidant Behaviors”

  • Description: Gain understanding of how treating fears, anxiety and depression can decrease avoidance and conflict.
  • Speaker: Dan DeVilbiss, Ed.D.


Title #1: “Is it the Blues, the Blahs, or are You Really Depressed?”


Title #1: “But What About My Grandchildren?”

Grief and Loss

Title #1: “Different Types of Grief”

  • Description: Learn to identify and resolve different types of grief and loss.
  • Speaker: Dan DeVilbiss, Ed.D.

Presentations on the Topics of:

  • Family Stress
  • Post-Partum Depression
  • Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder
  • Self-Care of the Clinician
  • The Loss of Identity Through Motherhood

Speaker: Ellen Arledge, L.C.S.W.