Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction and Wellness

Mindfulness techniques have been used and researched with a wide variety of populations, age groups and symptoms. It has demonstrated effective results for adults coping with pain, chronic illness, emotional turmoil triggered by relationship crises and anxiety and depression.

Mindfulness training can include guided relaxation, meditation practices and moving meditation experiences using yoga, Qigong, and tai chi. All of these approaches help to train the mind and body to work in unison to promote peacefulness and present moment awareness. This is instrumental in breaking cycles of ruminative worry, obsessive thinking, depressed mood and feelings of fatalism and hopelessness. Behavior patterns that have been viewed as permanent begin to loosen and shift. Resilience in the present and flexibility of behavioral options is fostered.

Individual and group experiences are offered. Please call to discuss your personal needs and to determine the option that will work best for you. This material is not presented within a religious tradition and is suitable for people of all faiths and religious orientation.

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