Marriage Center

Marriages can often include the best of times, but also, unfortunately, the worst of times. Marriages are one means by which strong emotional bonds are forged with people in families. Marriages are a very special kind of intimate relationship. Good marriages are filled with passion, traditions, history, shared dreams, special events, and- yes- also frustrations, struggles, and difficulties.

Consultations with professionals who specialize in marriage can be helpful at different stages: while forming a new marriage; strengthening an existing marriage; improving a troubled marriage. Dealing with the special issues of remarriage and blended families is another cause for seeking professional consultation. The Manassas Group Marriage Center offers private meetings with marriage specialists.

Premarital counseling sessions provide assistance with deciding whether he or she is “the right person” for you, or to help resolve troublesome conflicts prior to the marriage ceremony.

Marriage Enrichment classes are structured group meetings held together with other married couples. Here, a marriage specialist provides information about some particular topic in marriages, then guides couples through structured exercises for privately exploring their own marriages. These classes are not intended for couples who are experiencing trouble in their relationships.

Marital Therapy, or Marriage Counseling sessions are private meetings for couples experiencing marital problems. Our Marriage professionals offer active assistance to help couples resolve their problems, so as to increase their mutual satisfaction.

To arrange an appointment, contact any of these Manassas Marriage Group Specialists: