Life Skills Coaching Center

Life Skills Coaching is NOT psychotherapy. Many of the challenges we face in life are NOT medical problems, disorders, or syndromes. A few examples are:

  • Being fired or laid off from a job
  • Being audited by the IRS
  • Having conflicts with your boss at work OR your partner at home
  • Being victimized by racial, sexual, religious, or age discrimination
  • Experiencing rejection by a lover
  • Having in-law or blended family problems

Who will you turn to for assistance when you have these kinds of life problems and want guidance and/or advice from a knowledgeable expert?

The Manassas Group Life Skills Coaching Center offers private and confidential meetings with experienced, licensed professionals trained in helping and problem-solving techniques. Our coaches actively assist people to more effectively resolve their troublesome life situations once-and-for-all. Coaching works by expanding your relevant information about a problem- in-living, facilitates problem-solving, and then builds or improves the necessary life skills. Coaching sessions help sustain your motivation for seeing life situations through to satisfying resolutions.

Because of their purpose and nature, Life Skills Coaching sessions are NOT reimbursable by your medical insurance plan because you are NOT being seen for any psychiatric or medical “condition,” dysfunction, or disorder. No preauthorization or utilization reviews are necessary because no insurance filing will be done. No psychiatric diagnosis is assigned to you as a part of these sessions.

Life Skills Coaching is an effective and time-limited way to bring about satisfying results. Call one of our Life Skills Coaches for help in solving YOUR major life problems. Our office staff will arrange the earliest possible appointment for you with one of our coaches, or you may request any coach by name.

Manassas Group Life Skills coaches: