Center for Women

Manassas Group Center for Women is a group of female mental health therapists committed to improving the lives of women in our community by working with individuals and groups solving problems unique to today’s over-extended woman. Our combined experiences and skills qualify us to guide women through difficult transitions such as pregnancy, divorce, aging, menopause, disability, etc. We understand the feelings women experience while juggling numerous responsibilities. Let us make a difference in your life.

Call the Manassas Group Center for Women and schedule an appointment or inquire about the groups and programs we offer.

  • Couple counseling
  • Anxiety, depression, post traumatic stress, stress/anger management
  • Parenting and co-parenting counseling
  • Infertility, pre-natal and postpartum counseling
  • Mid-life problems
  • Pursuit of happiness

To arrange an appointment, contact any of these Specialists

If you have a question about marriage or about any of the Women’s Center Services, please call us on 540-774-4686.