Susan Boyes, L.P.C.


Susan Boyes is a Licensed Professional Counselor with over 20 years of experience in counseling and teaching. She has a Masters of Education and an Education Specialist Degree from James Madison University. Additionally, she also has an advanced certificate from Associate Trainers in Clinical Hypnosis, and she has a training certification from Valley Pastoral Counseling Center. Working with groups is one area of her expertise. She has led grief groups for Rockbridge County Hospice, alcohol education for Rockbridge Alcohol Safety Action Program, women’s groups on codependency and life transitions, and S.T.E.P./Teen (Systematic Training for Effective Parenting) for Virginia Baptist Children’s Home.

Susan has served as Director of Counseling Services at Southern Virginia College and, more recently, for Virginia Baptist Children’s Home. She has also taught at Southern Virginia College, Dabney Lancaster Community College, and Virginia Western Community College. Since 1986, Susan has also been in private practice part-time.

Susan is married to an Aussie. Between them, they have successfully raised four daughters and three sons. She is active in the community, volunteering at the Mental Health Association’s Collaborative and serving on the Board of the Roanoke Mental Health Association. Susan is available for presentations or programs for groups.

In her private practice with the Manassas Group, Susan works with children, adolescents, and adults experiencing interpersonal conflict, depression, ADHD, panic and anxiety, stress, post-traumatic stress, sexual abuse, substance abuse, codependency, personal development and self esteem, emotional coping skills, school and academic problems, child/ adolescent/ parenting issues, divorce, helping children cope with divorce, remarriage, relationship problems, grief, insomnia, and chronic pain.

With a passion for learning and a deep concern for the over-use of prescription drugs for children, Susan has been researching drug-free therapies for children with attention, mood, and behavior problems. She has developed a comprehensive and integrated treatment protocol that includes assessment, education about the special nutritional needs of children, cognitive restructuring, parent-skills training, family counseling, individual counseling, and stress management. Susan believes that it is imperative that parents and health care professionals understand what developing brains and bodies need in order to grow and thrive and to provide for those essential needs.

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