Mary Ann Koch, Ph.D.


Dr. Koch is a licensed Clinical Psychologist specializing in individual, marital and group work with adults. I work with adults, couples and family groups.

I have special interest in the struggles of clients living with chronic disease, assisting aging parents and in those wanting to enrich their overall sense of psychological health and well being. Working as a consultant/guide for several decades with clients who are searching through times of crisis, indecision and change has been my joy and privilege.

Twenty years of training and personal experience with Mindfulness techniques enriches my work with clients. I combine this with the newest research in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and ACT (Acceptance and Commitment Therapy) to help clients set and achieve goals to improve the experienced quality of their life.

Life stresses in childhood or adult years are often a turning point for losing the sense of vitality and purpose in life. People often feel alone and lost in a struggle with inner rules and beliefs that no longer seem to work. When nothing makes sense, confusion and despair grow. It is possible to turn these obstacles into stepping stones for more rewarding relationships and personal happiness.

In addition to working with individual clients, I plan to offer adult groups in the following areas:

  • “Stuck Again”, a group for adults frustrated and discouraged to wake up again in the same stuck, lifeless and unfulfilling rut. Whether the cause seems to be in work, family, marriage or in oneself, you can learn new approaches and skills to create a life with value and purpose.
  • “Love Isn’t All You Need”, a group for couples ready to learn strategies to improve communication and reconnect to the desires that brought them together.
  • “Mindfulness based stress reduction and wellness”, a four week training in mindfulness techniques for wellness and emotional health.

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