Louis Perrott, Ph.D.


Dr. Perrott is a co-founder of The Manassas Group.

He received his undergraduate degree from the University of Pittsburgh and his doctoral degree in Clinical Psychology at Duquesne University. He then completed a joint internship at Sheppard/Pratt Hospital and Springfield Hospital Center near Baltimore, Maryland. He has held various clinical and administrative healthcare positions in Pennsylvania, Iowa, and Virginia and has taught at several colleges. Dr. Perrott was also a past president of the Virginia Psychological Association, a past Treasurer of the Virginia Academy of Clinical Psychologists, and was Virginia’s past representative to the American Psychological Association’s Business of Practice Network. He is a Fellow of the American Psychological Association.

In his role as a licensed Clinical Psychologist, he specializes in:

  • stress management
  • anxiety and panic mgmt
  • personal development
  • depression
  • separation and divorce
  • marital/relationship problems
  • workplace conflicts
  • remarriage
  • emotional coping
  • grief issues
As a Business Psychologist, who co-founded Peak Performance Consultation, Dr. Perrott works with local and regional businesses on personnel matters and team development. He also coaches managers on how to expand their leadership impact. His executive coaching experience clearly shows how boosting individual performance is one very direct means for improving corporate productivity.
As a Life Skills Coach, he actively collaborates to identify and resolve problems that are non-medical barriers to coachees’ accomplishing their goals in life. In not relying on any single technique or approach, his broad training and experience allows Dr. Perrott to select from a wide array of behavioral science methods for generating effective solutions customized to fit the unique life situations of coachees.

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