Jacob Goldshteyn, L.P.C.


Jacob Goldshteyn is a Licensed Professional Counselor working with adults, adolescents, and children in individual, couples, family and group counseling. Jacob finds his passion in collaborating with people in understanding their complex life experiences and helping them better interpret themselves and others through a more accepting and empowering perspective. Additionally, he works on helping you in establishing practical emotional and cognitive tools to help experience life in a more balanced way. He utilizes well-established psychological approaches to counseling along with integrating more recent research findings to support his clients’ effective and long-lasting growth.

Jacob has extensive experience and training helping people with various life difficulties. You can schedule an initial interview to explore steps towards positive change and healing if you find yourself having difficulties in one of the following areas: depression, anxiety, difficulty managing emotional reactions and moods, self-esteem, coping and living skills, relationship issues, stress management, self-care, parenting issues, work/life balance, mindfulness/spirituality, addictions of all types (including sexual addictions, substance addictions, relationship addictions, food and internet addictions), impulse control, trauma resolution, interpersonal/social skills, transitions in stages of life and career, grief/loss, and child and adolescent behavioral concerns.

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