The Manassas Group

The Manassas Group is a multi-disciplinary group of licensed psychologists, counselors, and social workers.  We offer high quality professional services to the Roanoke and New River Valleys, and the surrounding communities.

Our Services cover the full spectrum of life issues:  various age groups (children through seniors);  various problems (personal or at school and/or the workplace);  various relationships (marital and/or family).

Our Goal is to work actively with you to evolve creative solutions to your everyday life problems.  Talking to a Manassas Group Member WILL help.

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    • We Wish You Well…But, please DO have consideration for our STAFF/THERAPISTS and other PATIENTS/CLIENTS.  We request that you DO NOT COME IN for your scheduled appointment, IF: You have a fever, have flu-like symptoms, you know or believe you are contagious.  There will be no late cancellation or broken appointment FEES by ALL OUR THERAPISTS, until after the coronavirus threat subsides.

      JACOB GOLDSHTEYN is requesting whether you are a new or existing client to please wear a mask into the office